How does it all work once you arrive in The Netherlands?

First of all, you will be selected by our recruiters at our offices in your home country or in The Netherlands. Once you have submitted all of the necessary documentations, we will arrange everything you will need for your departure and possibly also your transportation.

Once you have arrived in the Netherlands, you will be welcomed at Westflex’s office in The Hague or Wateringen. There, you will be given information about your contract, your accommodation, insurance, your salary and the way things work at Westflex.

Westflex helps you to obtain your own individual BSN number at the RNI (registration for non-residents) office of the municipality. After that, we recommend you to open a Dutch bank account.

We will give you information sheets, so you can re-read the information we have given you whenever you want. A very important key point is to have your ID card with you all the time. We will also let you know when and where your work is due to start.

Other recommendations and necessities, like for example working shoes and possibly also a Dutch SIM card for your mobile phone, will be covered in the information as well.

Westflex works with various organisations which arrange accommodation for migrant workers. If this applies to you, Westflex will make the necessary arrangements for you and you will be taken to your new living accommodation.

If you’re already in the Netherlands, you can sign up in the Westflex office and register as a job-seeker.